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The Tamara, Coorg

Updated: May 18, 2021

The gentle whiff of coffee makes its way into my room, filling my senses with the promise of a delightful weekend as I stretch myself rolling over the fluffy bed to welcome the gentle rays of the morning sun.

I’ve visited Coorg so many times before, but it was always on the more adventure side. Treks, plantation walks, camping under the stars - been there done that! This time around, we visited to have a more relaxing experience at The Tamara! It has been ranked #1 on TripAdvisor’s Top 10 Romantic Hotels in India and #16 on their Top 25 Luxury Hotels in India.

Starting off with the room, we stayed at the Luxury Suite and although the main idea of this resort is that it gives you a view of the range of hills from every room in the property - that wasn’t the case with ours, and most of the rooms! Outgrown trees had unfortunately covered the beautiful view - although I’m a big environment enthusiast and against harming nature in any way - it was still a bummer!

The Luxury Suite

By far the nicest property I’ve stayed at, the room was absolutely beautiful and screamed cozy from every corner! For the effervescent nature lover in me, this was a spectacular silhouette of a dream that was turning into the most beautiful reality. Our cottage had one bedroom, an extended living area and a private sun deck which evidently turned out to be my favourite space!

For lunch, we called a buggy to take us to the restaurant for dinner. The Falls is the only restaurant at the property and serves a spectrum of cuisines ranging from regional dishes to fusion food. Due to covid they weren’t serving a buffet - which was a bummer again! I’m a thorough enjoyer of food, I could eat 3 meals at one go! Nevertheless they provided us an à la cartè menu to choose from. The food was as good as any other restaurant I’ve been to, nothing extraordinary to say the least! This is my honest review to the price we were paying to stay and dine at the property.

The Falls

Our tour culminated for the day with a signature coffee experience, “Blossom to Brew” at the resplendent setting of “The Verandah”. We sat at the airy lounge chatting with our host, who spoke fervently about Coorg’s evolution since the British planted the first coffee seeds on its lands. The coffee making session went on for about 45 minutes, and in the end we sipped on some hot coffee made by the guide as per to our preference! ☕️

The Verandah

The next morning, was probably my favourite time of my entire stay when they declared they were providing a breakfast buffet! From waffles to pancakes to South Indian delicacies- dosas and Idlis! I was in paradise.

We walked around the property after breakfast. The breezy woods, chatter of insects and incessant calls of the birds condoned the need for a clock allowing us to enjoy life at our own pace. The pool was again closed due to covid - bummer number 3! You win some and you lose some while travelling during the pandemic.

The property also has a natural waterfall running through it, which holds a lot of water during the rainy season. It’s always lovely to step out of the hustle and bustle of the city to experience the slow life! Hills replaced the city buildings, urban chaos gently made way for the frenetic wilderness, and the sweet serenading of birds substituted the noisy streets of Bengaluru.


To conclude: Quietly tucked away in the heart of tropical paradise, The Tamara Coorg is truly your perfect romantic getaway. Our stay at the resort helped us create some of the most vivid memories which I will cherish forever. Needless to say, The resort gets my recommendation, but there are better options to invest your money in, in my opinion. Its definitely a beautiful one time experience amidst the heart of wilderness.


So have you been to Tamara? Or Coorg? What was your experience like?


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