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Santorini in India!

Unlike many of history’s great tragedies, the coronavirus pandemic never stunned us with one catastrophic event. Our realities shifted slowly at first, and before we knew it, it took over completely.

As we closed borders, canceled events, and self-quarantined at home, I started exploring more places around me and was stunned at all the hidden gems I'd unraveled!

Ever since I was a small kid, I was extremely fascinated by the small, quaint island in Greece, Santorini. Crisp white buildings with azure-colored dome roofs that seem to pile on top of each other, making their way to the end of the island - that was the exact picture etched into my memory ever since I can remember.

Until I make my Greece trip happen, I stumbled upon our very own Santorini in India, and right here in Bangalore!

Location mentioned at the end of the post!

The pictures looked unreal at first, but upon visiting I can assure you it looks and feels everything a Mediterranean paradise would! The Mediterranean color palette has been used very well and this was 10/10 in terms of that! Loved the service and the food was delicious too.

We ordered French fries, Chilly Chicken, and Crispy corn, and the quantity for the price was perfect. Loved the Pina colada cocktail/mocktail and their signature cocktail Eden garden too. Would definitely recommend an ideal date night!

The open courtyard section with the little waterway and smart use of mirrors make for a very relaxing ambiance, even a stage for live music gives it a dash of verve.

The lighting adds to the elegance and the only thing that sticks out literally and metaphorically in the scheme of blue and complementary colors of the red cola fridge in the bar area!

This easily makes it to my Top 10 dine-ins in Bangalore. If my pictures haven't convinced you enough, I thoroughly recommend the food and ambiance that's offered and the wonderful experience that comes along with it!

Rural Blues

Address: No. 112, Ambalipura - Sarjapur Road, Kodathi Gate, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560035

Open timings: 12:30 - 9 pm.


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