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Grover Zampa Vineyards 🍷

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Just realised I have a thing for wineries because I can’t seem to get enough from trying to find more around me!

And it’s really fascinating to hear from so many people how they had no idea about these vineyards, which are pretty much located around the vicinity of any major city in India. Since I live in Bangalore, I’m going to be telling you about the second winery I got around to visit- The Grover Zampa vineyard!

It’s literally an hour away from the city with the most scenic drive ever, located in Raghunathapur Doddaballapur road. They have 2 sessions of the wine tasting tour, so be sure you make it for the morning batch which is at 10:30am or the afternoon batch - 1:30pm.

  • As all wine tasting tours go about, it starts with the detailed explanation about how grapes are crushed as well as the distinctive selection of grapes for each of the wines they produce.

  • Then you move on to the fermentation tanks which requires careful control for the production of high quality wines. (You aren’t allowed to take photographs in these areas)

  • Further you move on to the Barrel room where controlled oxidation takes place during barrel aging.

The Barrel Room

  • And lastly you see how the bottling and labelling of wines are carried out which includes machinery as well as manual labour work.

Coming to my favourite part of every wine tour - The tasting!

You get to try 6 different types of wines - The whites, reds and rosé! And this wine tasting session was so much more detailed and enjoyable than my previous one as the ambience of the tasting room was absolutely gorgeous. It’s super cozy with just the right lighting and seating arrangement.

The wine tasting room

Usually wineries also come with a Vineyard tour, but this one didn’t as the vineyard isn’t located in the campus of the winery. You would have to further drive down a bit to visit it.

They also have a grape stomping session if you pre book it for a large group of people.

The wine tour ends with the tasting and you could choose to have lunch at the beautiful outdoor/indoor ambience they provide. Its a fixed set of menu comprising of Salad, Starters, Main Course and lastly the Desserts - which comes in both veg and non veg choices. You could also buy more wine to take home or have with lunch - which we obviously did! Wine, food, and a beautiful view, what more can you ask for?

La vie est trop courte pour boire du mauvais vin!

This easily tops one of the best afternoons I’ve spent in the most vibrant and cozy ambience this year! Considering the covid19 pandemic, they did take precaution to maintain a lot of hygiene and I for one, felt completely safe.

If the pictures haven’t convinced you enough already to visit this place, you’re going to be missing out on one of the nicest experiences that Bangaloreans are not aware of! And once you start, there’s no stopping 🍷

Le vin entre et la raison sort! - Wine enters, and reason leaves!


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