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About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Sanjana Goswami, and I’m an Indian native and resident, who has finally found a definition for herself that fully satisfies her- Someone who loves to travel and can't go on about a day without thinking of traveling to a destination at-least once. (I’ve studied my patterns and done the math- I daydream about travel every 5 seconds.)

The travel bug bit me at an early age as my parents loved to travel and they'd take me everywhere along with them! 

During college days, I decided to become a big-time saver and put aside a part of my pocket money every month in hopes of using them for future travels. Right now, I work at an MNC and I'm always thinking of ways to juggle corporate life and my love for travel side by side. 

I've adventured into the Pyramids of Giza and snorkeled in the beautiful pristine waters of Hong island! There's so much more to venture out there, and the wanderlust is undeniably strong!

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